Breakfast, lunch, dinner and other options for groups....

We want your group to have a great stay with us and often that includes good food at a budget price. Eating out in Amsterdam can be a fun experience, but it can also get expensive and difficult to arrange if your group is large. If you would like us to take care of some meals then please get in touch and we'll arrange things for you.


A free breakfast is included each morning. Our café opens at 08:00 and breakfast is served until 10:30.

We do not have a buffet style, but serve each guest individually and there are 3 options to choose from each day, including one hot menu. It works best when you give your group members a time-frame to come and eat when they like as this avoids a long wait if you all come at exactly the same moment.

For groups who need to leave or check out early we can prepare a take-away breakfast. You can pick this up at reception, take it with you and eat it on the bus or train. There is no extra charge for a take-away breakfast, but we do need to know your request 2 weeks in advance.


For just € 5.20 per person we can provide lunch for your group. You can choose to have a packed lunch to take away with you or you can have lunch in our café.


If you book at Shelter Jordan we can cook an evening meal for your group. For just € 10.50 per person we can provide a 3 course meal with soup as starter, a main meal and dessert for your group. You can choose between 10 different main meal menus, 5 different soups and can eat at either 18:00 or 20:00 (6 or 8 pm).

Coffee and cake

After a long journey to Amsterdam it can be lovely to be welcomed to your hostel with a warm drink (coffee, tea or hot chocolate) and a delicious piece of cake. We can prepare this for you for just € 3.00 per person.

Dutch food tasting event

To experience a little bit of Dutch culture and taste some typical Dutch foods we can organise a Food Tasting Event for your group in the afternoon or evening. For just € 2.00 per person you can try some of the typical flavours of the Netherlands in a really fun atmosphere and hear a short Christian message from one of our international volunteers. This event can be FREE for groups of 20 or more people staying 2 or more nights between Sunday and Thursday - just ask for more details

Canal cruise

We can arrange a private boat tour for your group, or places on a boat shared with other tourists. Prices start at just € 7.50 per person for a 1 hour tour starting and ending in the city centre.

Walking tour

One of our international volunteers can take you on a 90 minute walk around the sights of Amsterdam and tell you some history and interesting stories. The cost is € 2.00 per person which includes a cup of coffee in our café. We can also reccomend a professional tour guide who can offer you various standard walking or cycling tours or arrange one specially for you.

Bicycle hire

Seeing Amsterdam by bike or getting out of the city into the beautiful Dutch countryside is a real treat. We can arrange bicycle hire for you starting at € 8.50 per person.

Evangelism workshop

For Christian groups we can organise a workshop or seminar for you. See this link for more information.


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